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Challenge Period:

The 8-week Walking Challenge is a competition that begins January 14th and ends March 9th. Start submitting your steps every Monday for the previous week starting Monday, January 22. All Winners will be announced March 27th.

How to Participate

  • Track your daily steps starting January 14, 2024

  • Report your total steps each week

How to Track and Submit Steps

  • There will be categories for teams based on the departments they work in.

The team structure will remain the same – 4 members per team.

The Categories will be as follows:

• Public Safety – Police & Fire

• Administration – Development Services, Finance, City Clerk, IT & HR

• Public Works / Recreation & Parks

  • Each team member or individual participant must track their own steps daily

  • Team members submit steps for the week (SUN–SAT) to the Team Captain each Monday

  • Team Captain compiles weekly totals from each team member and submits both the individual steps and team totals

  • Individuals not on a team submit their own steps

  • All steps need to be submitted by the team captain each Monday by 5pm via the Challenge’s website



Top Team (team of 4) $100 Gift Card each


Most Improved Stepper (from last year) $100 Gift Card

Top New Stepper (1st-time stepper) $200 Gift Card
Top Stepper (participa
ted last year) $200 Gift Card

RAFFLE PRIZES (1 winner/each category)

Avg. min. 55k steps/wk $75 Gift Card

Avg. min. 60k steps/wk $100 Gift Card

Avg. min. 75k steps/wk $150 Gift Card

Avg. min. 100k steps/wk $200 Gift Card

PLEASE NOTE: You are not eligible to win two (2) awards

Individuals who:

  • Walk a minimum average of 50,000 steps/wk

  • Complete Part 1 of the 2023–24 Wellness Incentive Program (Annual Health Assessment and follow-up visit at the Wellness Center)

Will receive Part 2 of the 2023–24 Wellness Incentive Program –  a $50 Gift Card will be awarded in July 2024 and a Wellness Bonus day off with pay in August 2024.

Registration is now Closed!

The 8th Annual Walking Challenge registration has now closed. Please begin submitting weekly step and activity entries here every Monday for the previous week starting Monday, January 22, 2024.

Thank you and Good Luck!

For Individual Only

For Teams Only

Thank you for submitting!
Please continue tracking for next week!


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